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Life is not always predictable and yes, computers can and do break down. Whilst we do everything to pre-empt a major disaster, sometimes bad components fault unexpectedly, or software behaves unpredictably ... other times you simply want to add newer or different equipment into the mix ... either way, it disrupts your work! 

So we exist so that you don't have to become an IT expert ...

We'll gladly take care of:

tickOnsite diagnosis and remedies of troublesome hardware and software
tickTroubleshooting issues with internet, email, networks connections, scanners and printers
tickCrashes, Freezes, Lockups, Restarts etc.
tickLocal Network issues
tickInternet Access and download and upload speeds
tickSecurity Related Issues
tickVirus detection, prevention and control
tickHardware Upgrades
tickAdware / Spyware Removal and Information Protection
tickMultisystem Integration (Mac, Linux, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows)
tickData Recovery
tickSystem Restores
tickInstallation of operating systems, hardware and software
tickConsultation on the most cost-effective use of company capital for technology requirements

Data Flow

Keeping your information flowing and secure is one of our highest priorities.  With expert knowledge in a range of solutions, we can ensure that your information is freely available to you and no-one else. We have great experience in designing effective configurations for network systems to suit any sized business ... from local to global. With remote access via VPN's you can be away from your desk but never away from your work.

Data Protection

With the implementation of secure cloud based storage ... backup systems with secure, offsite storage libraries are now ready, fast and cost effective! These systems make data recovery and system restores faster and more reliable, offering you greater peace of mind so you can run your business well.

System Security

Virus and malware can wreak havoc on your businesses computers and have potential flow on effects to your email recipients if not dealt with properly.  We’ve dealt with every virus situation imaginable, and can advise you on virus detection, prevention and controls and fix any existing virus problems quickly and easily.  Call us to talk about it…

Your business is unique to you and it runs the way you like it!

... so why should you have to bend to suit your IT support?
Why should you also have the headache of managing IT staff?
Instead of another department that requires resourcing and management, let us carry the responsibility for you.

We will gladly work with you to tailor an effective support contract that suits your companies needs. One that will satisfy everyone - from the user to the accountant.

Due to the demand of integration and turnkey solutions, we have setup a design team who specialize in the construction, maintenance and hosting of websites, from basic pages to fully functional e-commerce packages.

We'd love to talk to you about your web presence options!

Personal onsite training for system and software applications for your team

Have you ever considered the option of leasing your equipment but were not too sure what the benefits are?

Cash Impact
  • There is no cash outlay which frees up cash for other operating expenses
  • It is like an additional line of credit or extra working capital for the business
  • The equipment is financed at a fixed rate for the term of the lease (i.e. the monthly payments will not change)

Accounting Impact
  • Simplified accounting procedures via monthly invoices
  • Lease payments fit within your operating budget, eliminating the need for capital expenditure approval
  • There is less paperwork required for funding approval and personal guarantees are not required
  • Leases are a form of off-balance sheet funding that preserves your capacity to borrow
  • Leasing improves the return on investment & return on assets financial ratios

Technology Ownership
  • You are not investing funds in rapidly changing and depreciating technology
  • You are paying for the equipment as you use it
  • By removing the hassle and cost of ownership, leasing allows you to focus on your core business
  • Leasing is a hedge against inflation - you can have leading edge technology of today and pay for it with tomorrow’s dollars
  • Avoid technology obsolescence and manage the technology platform lifecycle
  • There are no maintenance responsibilities that come with ownership of equipment
  • The hassles of selling used office equipment are eliminated

Tax Effective
  • Payments for operating leases (as opposed to finance leases), where the term of the lease is less than 75% of the useful life of the asset, are fully deductible for tax purposes - reducing the net cost of the lease

Why Lease from Sensibility Ltd?
  • Flexibility is the key to leasing from us - there may be upgrade options during the term of the lease
  • You may lease new or used computer equipment
  • All equipment comes with an onsite warranty for the term of the lease
  • We will tailor the rental equipment to meet your exact requirements

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